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Transferring the mp3s I made from Sheezy to Newgrounds

2008-07-15 15:19:53 by samusmmx

Well, most of the people will thing of "where did the mp3's I made went by? Also--I came to announce to everyone that I'll be transferring most of the mp3 I made from the games to here. Only the ones I did develop and the others who people requested to me to do so because of the style I manage to do the midis and give real sounding with the help of Synth Font.

Well, that's all I can say. Of course, for me to develop a new song it will take a while since I pop one song, but I made the scrap one to later develop the full one.

Anyways, I'll see you all. ;D


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2008-07-26 17:01:05

Heh, downloaded and voted 5 (no doubt about it) on every song you have submitted so far, great work on them like how I have said before ;3

samusmmx responds:

hehe, thanks. I'll later submit two of the original songs I did here so that people can hear it. ;D


2008-08-25 01:13:37

Hey Samus! its me Shaun! X3 I made a newgrounds account.
didn't want to miss out on your great music. ;3

samusmmx responds:

hehe, ok. that's good. :D