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Working with Fusion armor collectibles for X

2009-03-11 18:56:09 by samusmmx

Well, since I've been busy on these days that I couldn't do or come up with a new song. Well, everyday I think of a new song, but don't actually compose them on something small like a PDA. ;3

Anyways, if you like to see the collectibles that I'm doing at dA, here it is. ;D

X's Armors in Fusion mode


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2009-05-09 21:19:29

Do you have Metroid Prime Hunters?
If you do, do remixes of the songs that appear in the game.

samusmmx responds:

Well, I wish I could have Metroid Prime Hunter, but I don't have a DS. But since my ears can focus of the song that you want me to do, I can get the original songs from metroid database and start listening the songs. ;3 And maybe someday I can come up with a remix for them.