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First time to be here

2007-10-21 16:26:59 by samusmmx

Well, since is my first time to be here I can now post a few flash movies in mind for so long. Finally I can practice about this macromedia stuff that I wanted since on my University levels. Well, this might be my chance to test this baby. :3

Hope you guys are ok, so I'll say hello to everyone as a start.


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2008-06-27 12:41:21

Hi. Remember me? It's me, Tanooki John. If you need help around here, just let me know ok? Theres some good flash and bad flash here so things here dont run the same as Sheezy so be allert.

samusmmx responds:

ok. I also have a question about it John. Yesterday I submit the Hive Mecha Power remix here, since I'll be deleting my files from sheezy, but the message says that will take like 2 or 3 days until the mods check on my song, since is the first time I upload.

Probably I may need something than just uploading things at the first time. do you have any suggestions about this? :)


2008-07-04 21:10:28

Found ya! ^^
If you need some help, maybe I can try to help... But Newgrounds' rules are really easy to understand, so I guess you won't have any troubles.

samusmmx responds:

well, yeah. a thing that I'm doubt about is the submission options. I know that for most of the users who been here consider as a great site to view flashes and hear music as well. But--I still need more things to learn here so I can submit my own songs and arranged VG songs in here. Just that I still need more experience for it. ;3


2009-09-03 16:16:32

Hi It's MetroidMaster! Anyway, I was just commenting on all of your Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Zero Mission Remixs. They are so mind blowing and crafted so well. I'm also here to tell you about my Super Metroid Hack: Into The Underworld. Now I don't know if you have a ZSNES or anything but if you do when I release it, I would so love it if you would play it, test it whatever! Seeing as how your a Metroid Player I just thought that you might like to test it. PM me if you say yes. Well see ya

samusmmx responds:

Sure, no problem. Even though never try any hack games and have seen it on youtube too. ;3

Also, I will send you a PM since on newgrounds the system don't notified me for new messages. ;D