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Songs will be submitted next year. ;D

2009-12-21 13:06:51 by samusmmx

Well, just to informed to all people from Newgrounds that probably the song that I'll be working for the next year are: Evacuate Immediately and Themes of SA-X. For the moment, since I'm working on my doodles for dA I've been thinking of what to do with them. Also, I've been planning to submit flash videos "probably", since I can do animated gifts using Firewords and do them in flash with High Quality sound. ;3

Well, those are the plans that I have.
Of course, will be delays on doing the songs myself since it takes a while to compose them. and some I may require reference since there are some notes that my ears cannot detect. So I need like reading the notes by sequence. ;3

Anyways, that's all for today. :D


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2010-01-26 23:02:37

Can't wait


2010-02-16 13:15:45

All right!

Do you have plans on the Intrigue theme from Fusion?

samusmmx responds:

Probably it will. ;) but may take a while. :D