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About getting in contact

2010-07-26 01:41:10 by samusmmx

Well, since at the moment--the PMs was a good idea, but when when you don't have people on your contact list. XD Anyways, in order to respond to you on PM, you will have to add me as part of your contact list--that way, I can reply you back with no problem.

I just receive a PM from Turtlekid1. Of course, I was unable to reply due since I'm not in his contact list, but no worries. there is always a solution to this problem. Anyways, just in case if you don't feel like to add on the contact list, there is another way... by dA accounts. if you have a dA account, let me know and I will be in contact with you by sending you a PM and let you know where did the songs is been move up. ;3

Anyways, I'll be waiting for respond. ;3


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2010-07-26 16:07:23

dA Username is Turtlekid1, same as NG.

samusmmx responds:

Ah, ok. I'll send you the note on dA about your NG PMs that I receive. ;3