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About getting in contact

2010-07-26 01:41:10 by samusmmx

Well, since at the moment--the PMs was a good idea, but when when you don't have people on your contact list. XD Anyways, in order to respond to you on PM, you will have to add me as part of your contact list--that way, I can reply you back with no problem.

I just receive a PM from Turtlekid1. Of course, I was unable to reply due since I'm not in his contact list, but no worries. there is always a solution to this problem. Anyways, just in case if you don't feel like to add on the contact list, there is another way... by dA accounts. if you have a dA account, let me know and I will be in contact with you by sending you a PM and let you know where did the songs is been move up. ;3

Anyways, I'll be waiting for respond. ;3

Some of the songs Moved

2010-07-25 11:44:47 by samusmmx

Well, technically since I rarely visit the site, I decided to move most of the songs that I submit and the others will be here since they are not showing the options of edit | remove, or I keep the ones that are link with the other third party sites. Of course, I may not disappeared from this site, but I'll eventually be checking if there is anything posted on it. At the moment for you guys, you can leave only PMs due to people leaving comments with links, so I think is much easier for me to check for messages. ;3

Anyways, I'll be checking this eventually as soon as I can so see you there. ;D

Songs will be submitted next year. ;D

2009-12-21 13:06:51 by samusmmx

Well, just to informed to all people from Newgrounds that probably the song that I'll be working for the next year are: Evacuate Immediately and Themes of SA-X. For the moment, since I'm working on my doodles for dA I've been thinking of what to do with them. Also, I've been planning to submit flash videos "probably", since I can do animated gifts using Firewords and do them in flash with High Quality sound. ;3

Well, those are the plans that I have.
Of course, will be delays on doing the songs myself since it takes a while to compose them. and some I may require reference since there are some notes that my ears cannot detect. So I need like reading the notes by sequence. ;3

Anyways, that's all for today. :D

Delays on making Songs

2009-05-27 01:31:34 by samusmmx

Well, I know that some of the people who had see the previous News had notice that I'm delaying on doing songs. Well--that's because I have to give activities also at deviantART, youtube and also--here too. But it will he hard to maintain activity to both accounts, but I'll try as best as I can to submit songs.

Also, the reason of why to I'm delaying on the songs is because I'm following some of the feedbacks that some DJ's advised to me of what to do with them. They were constructive criticism.

Anyways, I'll keep on going on doing my songs, but if will be more from the midis that I previously made than from the video game types. ;3 But I will continue to do the game based ones as soon as possible.

Anyways, hope everyone is passing a good time~ ;D

Peace and be P-lite~

Working with Fusion armor collectibles for X

2009-03-11 18:56:09 by samusmmx

Well, since I've been busy on these days that I couldn't do or come up with a new song. Well, everyday I think of a new song, but don't actually compose them on something small like a PDA. ;3

Anyways, if you like to see the collectibles that I'm doing at dA, here it is. ;D

X's Armors in Fusion mode

Submission of 8bits music

2009-01-07 16:44:41 by samusmmx

Well, since this year starts, I have return to the retro gaming of the NES games and songs. Also--for this year I have planned to submit midis based on 8bits music, but it also will be converted to digital sounding of the Famicom (NES sounds). So you will be hearing songs that you just hear or I can invent some in my mind if I come up with. ;D

Working on New songs

2008-09-05 15:24:03 by samusmmx

Well, since I finish some of the songs I stored now I have in mind to make new ones for later. But, it may take a while since I'm still working at call center, also since not only music I can do. I can also do images as well. So, Just wanted to let you know about this it I take a while doing some music and uploading. I might do some remixed ones from the old original midis I did from my pics, but I'll give it a try to remix them. ;3

Transferring the mp3s I made from Sheezy to Newgrounds

2008-07-15 15:19:53 by samusmmx

Well, most of the people will thing of "where did the mp3's I made went by? Also--I came to announce to everyone that I'll be transferring most of the mp3 I made from the games to here. Only the ones I did develop and the others who people requested to me to do so because of the style I manage to do the midis and give real sounding with the help of Synth Font.

Well, that's all I can say. Of course, for me to develop a new song it will take a while since I pop one song, but I made the scrap one to later develop the full one.

Anyways, I'll see you all. ;D

First time to be here

2007-10-21 16:26:59 by samusmmx

Well, since is my first time to be here I can now post a few flash movies in mind for so long. Finally I can practice about this macromedia stuff that I wanted since on my University levels. Well, this might be my chance to test this baby. :3

Hope you guys are ok, so I'll say hello to everyone as a start.